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After viewing my store is a variety of formats, resolutions, browsers and mobile devices, I have decided to disable the banner slider. This is after spending much time customizing it. The issue is one of space and resolution. With two different animations going on, one with the text and one with the image and the fact that they are independent of one another, on a small screen the text gets pushed under or on top of the image as the table size collapses to accommodate the screen size.

I'm going to experiment with something to replace it. I know banners, slide shows and all that are all the rage right now in web design, I'm just not sure I need it!

Post if you have any ideas for improvement.

Ok, here is what I have done to replace the Banner Slider...and it was easy...yet fits all window sizes/mobile sizes

In the layout for the home page I used Main Page Banner Bottom instead of Main Page Banner Slider

I then created 4 images containing the same information I was conveying via the banner slider.

However, now when viewed on smart phones and tablets, etc. the banners stack themselves instead of becoming jumbled up like the slider did.

The reason? Because, these are images and rendered differently that the slider banners, which were Text Banners with an embedded image. The browsers on the mobile devices were jumbling the text and the graphic together and sliding the text either under of over the image.

Not as slick as the slider, I emphatically agree on that...but it gets the message across and renders well on the small screen.

Go Here

And plug in

You will see what I can look at it in different sizes and also different mobile device sizes

hm.. unfortunately i do not see another way to solve issue with text and banner without css-tuning for each screen resolution. Banners can be any and that mean css must be edited too. Probably some 3d-party code for banner management exists, but i did not saw it yet


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