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Needclarification on documentation please.

In Setting > General:
Allow Reviews : Enable/Disable new review entry and display of existing reviews.

If I disable, then no reviews are allowed to be made an no reviews are shown, and reviews on the product pic is gone.

Within the Catalog > Reviews: one can turn a review off or on AFTER it has been submitted.
What I am looking for is a way to review the customer submitted reviews and approve them fr posting. Much as we can with approval of accounts.  Is there currently a way to do that?Need a way to keep out the crazies - not legitimate customers comments, and would be better to do that prior to the review being seen on the site.
IF not,  can we add that to the "would be great to have" in the next release requests?Lee

Good one Lee. Many sites have approval of reviews before their posted. Great idea and that would keep us from having to be "Review Police".


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