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I'm beginning to get quiet a few visitors to my new store. However, I've still got thousands of products to add and as usual, they are always searching for what's not up there yet!

So I need a way to warn them we're updating the website. I added a banner to the header and WOW, this could be used for a lot of things!

Take a look!

You imagination will tell you what it can be! It's a modification to the template, if your interested, PM me and I'll shoot you the details.

eCommerce Core:
Looks pretty good

Hi Gordon,
That looks nice...I did something similar by just making an html block and putting a table into it with the content I wanted then added it to the home page layout...I'm curious what you did to do can see mine at   I'm talking about the Love is Real Banner with Blue background...


I see David, site looks great!

I just added the HTML to the bottom of the header template


Thanks for the feed back.  I've been busy in Snow and etc...


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