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AbanteCart Version 1.0.3 Release Shedule


Pre-release note:

- Banner Manager 
- Bug fixes
- Shipping setting on product level (fixed cost, ship individually, free shipping)

Are there any instructions as to how users can apply this?

After selecting the link in (You can upgrade AbanteCart core files now. Upgrade is for version 1.0.2 and will change your application to version 1.0.3 Please click this link to start the upgrade. Do not forget backup files and database before upgrade procedure. Anycase backup will start automatically. You can find it in yours /admin/system/backup directory.)
I start the ftp process and then I receive this message

--- Quote ---Error: Can't upgrade file : 'admin/controller/common/footer.php
--- End quote ---
I see the files in the directory and all of them have the same date: June 7 2012 8:50 PM.


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