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can we make a watermark text system for products image?


Hello admin,
Can we make a system which can make a automatically watermark text on any products image?

Thanks, Saif

why don't you just add the watermark to your graphics within your graphics program?  Seems like that would leave you in control of the output and how it renders. 

Just my opinion. 


But I am not good on programming. Can anyone make it for-all?


this is not a programming issue -  you need to learn how to manage your graphics yourself -  there are a many great apps that will do this.  Some are free,  some are paid.  They all help you resize - change the DPI, crop, etc.  These are things you should be doing with your own pictures prior to sending them to your cart files.

You can easily do a search for 'watermark graphics'  and you will find them.

Here's a short list:
 Free image editors – that will add watermark

 Google Picassa  https://support.google.com/picasa/answer/106193?hl=en
 Gimp (a free graphics program) adds either a graphic or text watermark.  There are lots of instructions and videos on the internet that tell you how.
A free online service that you can do one graphic at a time
If you have Microsoft Publisher -2010 or later it adds watermarks
Here's some great software you'll have to buy,  usually has free trials
 Snagit from Techsmith – you’ll have to buy,  has a free trial – great program
And of course, Adobe Photoshop - they have software and a cloud service - both cost money.
Hope this helps get you on the path for good graphics handling, again something you need to be responsible for.



Yes, a watermark text system can be implemented for product images to protect intellectual property and prevent unauthorized use.


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