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Is Mobile Important? Ubet it is!
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I've made quiet a few posts on just how mobile is overtaking the use of the Internet and I'm going to be bold here and predict we're going to see a new type of Internet in the very near future. Not just a TLD, but a complete infrastructure change in protocol. More on that later.

Let's take a step back in time to 4 years ago, in Feb of 2010 and read what Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google at the time, had to say about mobile.

Mobile World Conference - Barcelona in Feb, 2010

Schmidt told the audience that Google was switching to the principle of “Mobile First”.

Mobile devices are “More specific, more human, more location aware and more dynamic” then computers are. He went on to say that the top programmers at Google are clamoring to work on mobile projects rather then desktop projects.

Anything Google creates from this day forward will be developed for the mobile platform and then the work around for the desktop will be accomplished.

Look at these numbers and some of the data is 7 years old!
Again, this was from the conference, you can get updated numbers with a search.

44,152,350 million iPhones in the marketplace at the end of 2009.
4 Billion Cell/Mobile devices around the globe at that time.
2007 -  2,320,350 million iPhones were sold
2008 – 12,720,350 million iPhones were sold
2009 – 25,103,770 million iPhones were sold

Already in 2008 there were more mobile devices than Cars, PC's and Laptop!

With all the other smart phones such as Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung and Android [8,450,420 sold by the end of 2009] in just over a year
That makes the total number of smart phones in existence by the end of 2009 a staggering 3.2 billion.
That number is expected to increase by another billion in the next few years

A Market Research Group - Strategy and Analytics said that Global Smart Phone shipments hit 34 million in Q2 of 2008
That makes Smart phones more ubiquitous then automobiles or PC’s including laptops!

Our inseparability from Smart Phones is opening up another avenue of online shopping which last year was over $5 Billion and mobile purchasing is becoming a big part of this. said smart phone users are shopping from mobile platforms – In the US many smart phone users have made purchases with their handsets and in the last 6 months, 32% used Android phones and 29% from iPhones on purchases of more than $100.00!

The mobile internet is going to become bigger that the current Internet platform
There are 1.8 billion computers and 3.2 billion smart phones! - Numbers are from 2009, again just imagine where it is now.


You are chose AbanteCart as your eCommerce platform...I already know that by the choice you made.

Use your intellect and develop your cart to be as Responsive as it can be...check it on a smart phone, if it looks good there it'll be fine on a tablet. If you don't get ready for mobile, you'll be left in the dust!
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