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When adding a product, in the General tab you can see the Cost field (The wholesale cost used for profit reporting) for the product. When we go to the Options tab, you can add the option Size, which is very nice to have.
However, there is no field for the cost of a bigger size product (you have the price modifier, but that's only for the costumer to see, not for profit reports).
Lets say that you sell shampoo, and the same type of shampoo comes in two different sizes, 750ml and 1500ml. You will first enter your Cost for the 750ml and the Price you are selling it for. Then you enter 1500ml as the second option and charge more for it, but there is no way to tell AbanteCart that the second option is also more expensive for me, my wholesale price also has a 'modifier'!
Am I correct, or I am missing something?

Thanks :)

Hello. Looks like You miss something
In admin for product you have general price and price modifier for product's options if needed
Say 750ml cost 100 and 1500ml cost 110. You need to set up product with general price $100 then add 2 options: 750ml price modifier 0; 1500ml price modifier 10 see screenshots.

Basara it looks like you misunderstood the question -  he seems to understand that he can alter the price for his customers.  He is bringing up an issue that I had on my discussion list -  what about the cost (not the selling price)  for the different products being listed.   

The options do a good job on adjusting the tracking stock and shipping wt adjustment,  it just needs costing field.

Here's an example of what the missing field is:

prod a base cost  $10  sells for $15
add an option for a larger size that cost $12  and sells for $18
One can enable the option to show the selling price for $18,  but there is no place to input the cost of that item as $12.

The backend  (the things important to the seller) needs some improvement for handling the items costs, reports, etc.

Thanks for listening

Lee is right on the coin!! I guess I have to come up with a different page for that kind of report...

Yes,  but it's slightly more difficult on this particular issue - in that there NO place to have that cost within the database for the cart.

One can download most of the needed information from the database with some  third party reports generators, or ones of your own design, but you will have to import this information from a different source in order to pull true profit reports.



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