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Huge Rise In Mobile Spending Predicted


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--- Quote ---Mobile and online sales will continue to drive growth for retailers in 2014. The growth rate for e-commerce is beginning to stabilize now that it's an integral part of retailers' strategies. According to the survey a majority (64 percent) of retail CFOs expect that online sales will grow in the year ahead. That's a 10 percent decline from the number of CFOs expressing similar sentiments last year.

Retailers are confident that e-commerce will remain a profitable channel in 2014, as they project 8.2 percent growth in online sales this year.

"After a banner year of e-commerce and m-commerce growth in 2013, retailers largely expect these platforms to keep delivering big returns in the year ahead," says Natalie Kotlyar, partner in the retail and consumer products practice at BDO USA.
--- End quote ---


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