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I will apologize up front as I am very much a noob here. I am trying to set up payment options so that customers can check out with a zero balance & that they can use a coupon code. Neither of which is happening. I have set the values to 0 and enabled the coupon code option. I just do not know what the heck else to do. Also, is there a way to remove an item from the cart if a customer adds it but changes their mind? I cannot get that to work either. This is going to sound stupid but I am testing this by clicking the store front button on the cart admin page. Is that maybe the issue? I have not loaded the cart where I want it yet until I have it all sorted out. Like I said I am an extreme noob. HELP!
Thanks in advance.

If the total amount at checkout is 0, no payment will be required. This is how it works currently. I am not clear why you need coupon code, and what you try to do with coupon here. Please explain.

To remove the item from the cart you toggle the check mark and click update.
You need to click act on behalf of customer button in the admin if you want to do this for customer.


This is what is happening. I added an item that has value and I cannot get that to check out. I cannot remove the item from the cart either. I was going to try a coupon code to give the item for free & there is no place to put it. My site is a digital download site of embroidery designs. I have customers that pre-pay for a subscription and they get a coupon code that will allow them to download for free (depending on how long they paid for). Others just pay as they go. I do have freebie downloads as well so that is why I NEED the 0 balance at check out. This is what my cart page looks like. I cannot do anything with it. I can screen shot my settings if need be as well.

Please anyone??? I need to get this up by the first. If it is not working I will have to look else where :-(

Your screen shot shows you are using the OLD template. I'm not sure it's getting much support any more and I don't think what you're trying to do will work with that template.

Why are you not using the default_HTML5 template. That is several generations newer than the one you are using.


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