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--- Quote from: abantecart on June 29, 2012, 04:19:01 PM ---2 important points before you change core code:

1. I suggest to extend class rather than change it. This will prevent issues with future upgrades.
2. If you think this is missing or important feature, you can suggest it for us to develop, or even better, you can develop it and suggest for us to add it to the core.

--- End quote ---

I thought suggesting core feature developments was what this sub-forum was about.  We're looking to prevent issues with future upgrades and are asking the core development team to encapsulate this as a method because it extends the standard API in such a way as to limit the impact of future development. 


Thank you for suggestion. We will consider this. Unfortunately, I can not give you exact date yet.

I understand the time scale issues.  We are still involved in design activities ourselves, so the timing is good.

We will be doing a number of addon projects which will need to affect quantity on hand tracking throughout the cart.  It will be best for us if we have methods which will remain stable, so I appreciate your efforts here.



Stability is a key. We are working on that. I really want to put many features into core, but there is a negative side too that effects stability of core if done too fast.
Leaving some room for developers to create extensions :)


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