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the clone feature works great for me, but there is a catch, when i clone a product in page 100(for example), the listing resets and come again to page 1, and even worst, if is ordered by name of by model etc, this order is lost, and i have to sort again and go again to page 100 to find the cloned product...
can this be fixed?  ;D

thank you

yes,  this is a known problem that may get some rework with the next version.

In the meantime -  what I've found to do -  is simply use "copy"  in the Product Name box - and click enter
That will quickly bring up your products with the copy in the title.  Not an ideal solution,  but it is quicker than changing the pages.

BTW you can use any of the top line boxes for a search of that field -


yep the seach is not a bad ideia for now, thank you


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