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Any way we can check what you have ? Can you PM temporary FTP access?

I don't think that will be necessary at this time.  I may have found the issue.

In 1.0.3, in lib/error.php a change was made in line 96 from:

--- Code: ---$log = new ALog('system/logs/error.txt');
--- End code ---


--- Code: ---   $log = new ALog(DIR_SYSTEM.'logs/error.txt');
--- End code ---

lib/error.php is included into init.php at line 52.

DIR_SYSTEM is defined in init.php at line 275 or so.

So, this would seem to be a valid error, that should be expected on at least some PHP installations in the absence of some undocumented configuration settings..


What is strange, that DIR_SYSTEM is not new. It has been there in init.php since the beginning.
I wonder why you had it missing.

Glad you resolved it.

It is NOT missing.

A developer added a new usage of DIR_SYSTEM in the lib/error.php file during the 1.0.3 development cycle.

lib/error.php is included into init.php BEFORE DIR_SYSTEM is defined.  Every new install or upgrade should now have this problem.


Yes. This is a valid issue. We will update the code.

Thank you.


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