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Old Fossil:

--- Quote from: eCommerce Core on May 09, 2014, 01:20:58 PM ---Are we talking about login with social mdia or jsut social media HTML blocks?

--- End quote ---

Just blocks.

Currently looking into adding tweets as an html block.

One tweet at a time woulda been ideal.  :)

I created a free media block so people would have a easy time adding facebook twitter youtube and a sitemap, I actually created two.. a paid version that has tons of options  and icons and is super easy to use.. so I thought well some people will need only a few again I made the free block.. asked that people only left feedback so others would see it.. DO YOU THINK THAT WAS TOO MUCH TO ASK....yeah.. lots of downloads.. yeah. not one thanks.. or hey great program..not even a this program sucks.. So I turned it off.  you can make your own damn extension.

Hi. Leave it to be free. People who love it will definely buy a paid version

People buy the paid version,as it is a great extension,  I turned off the free version because simply adding a review seemed too high a cost.


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