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Use SEO URL not working


hi mate,

i'm having difficulties to get seo url working,

i did these:
1.set "Use SEO URL's" on
2.mod-rewrite installed
3.renamed the htaccess.txt to .htaccess

just doesnt work,

i'm using bluehost shared hosting, and i asked support to add AllowOverride All, and the answer is no.

pls help me

Did you read help comment inside htaccess?
Please search forum for solution. There are many posts related to setting up SEO.

Old Fossil:
Beware of hosts whom claim unlimited bandwidth.

It does NOT exist.

Hey there Old Fossil -  what the heck does this have to do with this topic?  You've been vocal about being a forum moderator in other places and running a tight ship -  4 demerits for not sticking to the subject here. 

If you remove your post here,  I'll take my demerits back, too. ;D


Old Fossil:
OP uses Bluehost  :o

Was thinking aloud I guess.


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