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Hi, I have download the Chinest_simple language and German language package from algozone.com, but install them is error, the language package fits abantecart version is V1.01, So I think if you can backward compatible with the low version language package to the lastest version? Thanks

What version of AbanteCart do you install to? Please indicate the error you get.

I install the lastest V1.04.
The error show:
UPGRADE NOTE: Do not edit or add to this file if you wish to upgrade AbanteCart to newer versions in the future. If you wish to customize AbanteCart for your needs please refer to< your website> for more information. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I found the languge package in web/download/temp, and unzip it, copy the file to the language folder, install them in system_localization_language. I complete them and found the simplified_chinese.xml or german.xml can't load, so that some bottom have no display text.

I notce the waring, and examine them, the notice is great, but the link is language translate, can't solve the problem; and I try to translate some words, a few time the compute became very slow.


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