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how to add link in footer that goes offsite?

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Hi. I would like to add a link in the footer, but I don't want to add a page for it to go to. I want it to link to another website. How can I do this?

If you're not into coding on the templates, etc.  I would suggest buying the White Label Extension for $10.00
Here's the link,  or you can get there from within your aPanel.

that will also solve your issue with the copyright in another post -  you control everything on the footers in the Site page,  the admin pages, and your emails to customers.   Important you will need to do all the areas  as when you turn the extension on,  it turns all the automatic footer info OFF.


That brings up another problem. There were two other extensions I was going to buy, but I'm unable to login to buy them. I registered, but when I try to log in, it keeps putting my zip code where I had entered my login name, and then of course I can't login. I sent them two messages about it, one via their contact form and one via their facebook page, but they haven't responded. So I'm not sure what to do next.

are you going to the extension from within your aPanel?
Extension > Extension Store

the new marketplace is from Abantecart.   If you are having difficulty please post it on this board,  and/or PM  (personal messsage) abantecart directly.  Just find any of his posts and select the little conversation tab under his avatar.

The marketplace is a new offering from Abantecart and like all new things sometimes they need a tweak or two, but they will respond to you



--- Quote from: Riin on June 10, 2014, 04:55:10 PM ---it keeps putting my zip code where I had entered my login name, and then of course I can't login.

--- End quote ---

Hello.  Keeping zip code in login field is something related to browser or browser addons. Please type you login name in this field. Also check your mail (and spam folder too) for activation email from site where you registered


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