Author Topic: mobile version update? version 1.1.7 not working right on android phone  (Read 4691 times)

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I have a question about how the mobile version works on the cart.  I have android on my mobile phone.  Using version 1.1.7 abantecart....when I go to a product that I have set up options to choose before adding to cart...

I have set up multi select box for the each choice ( example color, size, design choice)

On the regular site if I check a selection; the one that is checked by default will uncheck leaving one box checked....however on the mobile android o/s on my kyocera hydro; if I check another box, the default one stays checked and I have to manually uncheck it...if I do not uncheck it manually then the default selection is what goes to the shopping cart.

I hope there is an easy fix for this as I would like to have the website working on mobiles...would be great for business!

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I think this is related to how work Android browser


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