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PayPal IPN?


i just set up with paypal , and I am wonder do I need to enter the paypal IPN when I set up the paypal payment, or abantecart doesnt needed?


Please read this post http://forum.abantecart.com/index.php/topic,1172.msg5081.html#msg5081

Sorry, but i am not very sure.

I just switch my cart into abantecart, and I have an order and customer paid with paypal, but I dont see there is any order created into my cart. and the product stock doesnt not reduce.

since if there is IPN return, how does  abantecart get the payment and order detail once customer paid?

i have read the post, but I have no very quite , but please do not tell me I need to add the item for customer manually.

thank you for answer


What PayPal extension do you use? In AbanteCart we have few PayPal Express, PayPal standard, PayPal Pro and PayPal pro uk

both PayPal Express, PayPal standard having same issue.

ok , now I switch on IPN in paypal with host URL to enable it.

but as I am have issue on the both with Weight Based Shipping.
Customer from USA, and my store is set with Hong Kong Location.

please see the attachment, and address is correct, but shipping country on the invoice are incorrectly
and i having few orders now having same issue.

I also try to paypal@sandbox account, that show correctly with sandbox. but it having this issue when using real paypal account.


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