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Is it possible to include php library in extension?

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Hi admins,i would like to ask if it's possible to add custom php library/helper for use within extension?Thanks a lot.

eCommerce Core:
You can not hook to library/helper. You can create your own function in your extension and make it accessible where you need.

What are you trying to do, possibly we can look for solution?

Hello ecommerce core,i would like to use phpJobScheduler  in custom extension.Here is the link : http://www.phpjobscheduler.co.uk/.Thanks

ha.. we already developed jobs(tasks) in new version 1.2.0 but it's not stable for now.
anyway you can use your own "includes" in your extension.

I got it,thanks a lot abolabo.I wonder if you know alternatives to cron jobs?As many user doesn't know how to set it up. :)


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