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Update on v1.2

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As you might have seen, we have released AbanteCart 1.2 alpha version

I opened this thread to discuss any questions related to upcoming version 1.2

WOW!!,  that is a really great looking interface on the Admin Panel.  My second reaction, is well this will take a little adjustment :)
But with about an hour clicking around I have positive feelings about.  And it seems faster on the load.  There is a lot to test out still for the enhancements and how they work,  but gosh it's impressive.

I need a bit if direction as to where you would like comments that are not necessarily bugs,  more probably lack of understanding of how it's suppose to operate.   You want them on the bug report page or somewhere else?

Thanks for all you do to keep this ecommerce software moving forward and working better and better.


Thank you.

Please, report issues here

a 1.2 live demo from admins? :P

A suggestion for the developers: Please post a list additions and improvements over the previous version. Thank you.


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