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Hello AbanteCart Admin.
AbanteCart is a very beautiful online shop creator software.
But i want to ask you that, it is also very-very-very important to add more Indian Payment Gateways in AbanteCart system.
Because its very ****** for all Indian Customers.
So i request you, please add some indian payment gateways as soon as possible.
It is very-very ****** for us.
Please think about it soon. And please reply me.
Thanks in advance!

Please reply me admins.

Please reply me, this is very ****** for all indian users.
Please reply me.

I agree that it would be good to have more Indian Payment Gateways

Lets hope somebody from India will help us and develop payment extension and put on the marketplace.

Keeping fingers crossed.

How to help from India, to add some free payment extension? Please tell me.


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