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About Indian Payment Gateway.

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--- Quote from: RajaSarma on December 03, 2014, 03:56:40 PM ---How to help from India, to add some free payment extension? Please tell me.

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Hello. You can start from this document AbanteCart Extension’s Developer Guide - Generic idea about AbanteCart extension system and organization

Once you or someone develop payment extension you able to share it for free or paid at Marketplace

This is really a matter to worry..after trying a lot of solution...I have opted for Abantecart ..but I am finding no solution for a Payment Gateway in India. Is there any update.

It is just a matter of time. I am sure someone from India will develop extensions sooner or later. 

We could have developed, but there is no support coming from these payment companies for our project.

It would be really great if we can have more Indian payment gateways. Looking at the develop extensions. This will be truly helpful for the traders in India. 

I was just wondering...for those of you who dont live in Canada.
How much do you know about this country?


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