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Hello.  I am looking at using AbanteCart, but I need to make sure it can handle the following:

I need to be able to import products via an API.  My top supplier has a webservice API that allows me to pull their product information and updates.  I need to then feed that information into my store.  Previously (with another cart system), I was able to add products to the database directly, using that cart's SOAP based REST API.  It looks like Abantecart currently has no API commands for directly adding items to the database.

Is it possible to do this by creating an extension API, or is there something already in place that could accommodate this?


eCommerce Core:
There is no ready API to add products remotely, but you can definitely create this using existing functions.

Check this

If you need RestFul API, you can check how admin API is constructed and add controller to handle API request to add product as a feed.


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