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Google May Not Longer Announce Algorithum Updates.


Gordon Taylor:
Has anyone else noticed that we’ve been seeing fewer algorithm update announcements from Google in recent years? That Google’s PR campaigns about changing search results has been quieting down?
If you have, rest assured: you’re not crazy.Two Reasons For Fewer Google Algo Update Announcements I don’t think that Google will ever kick back, put up their collective feet, and stop updating. So why the drop?
 1. Mind Control: Google Wants To Change SEO Behavior First, Google doesn’t make those big announcements just to ensure sure that all their friends in the SEO community are on the same happy page. They announce algorithm updates because they want to change SEO behavior.
They want black hat SEO's to just go away.

In that regard, fewer updates means Google sees less of a need to change our behavior. Have they beaten the SEO world into submission? Whipped us into shape? Or just stopped caring if we’re on board?2. Conditioning: Google Wants To Switch To Constant, Imperceptible UpdatesGoogle search results are always gettings smarter. The changes in results are becoming deliberately more subtle and more intuitive, such that most users hardly notice them at all. If Google’s algorithms are in the early stages of learning, they can easily make small, undercover changes on the fly.
The number of unnamed and unconfirmed updates bears this out. Just last month, SERP-trackers and webmasters noticed some major shifts in search results, but Google has yet to officially confirm the update. Are those relatively minor updates unannounced because they’re not worth the PR effort, or because Google didn’t intend for us to notice?


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