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Gordon Taylor:
Recently Google upgraded it's algorithm and one of the things its doing is giving more weight to what they're calling "Rich Snippet Markup". I have added an easy "Rich Snippet Markup" to my home page in the form of a title done in h1. Previously, h1 mattered, but now it's even more important. There is a ton of rich snippet markup that can greatly enhance your rankings and we'll get into those in another post.

Take a look at my home page and you'll see that I've added an h1 page title to the header instead of using a logo in the upper left hand corner. This is what is known as a "Rich Snippet Markup" and very valuable to your ranking.

I have attached an image to show where I place the code within the template. Keep in mind, this requires a little knowledge of html to accomplish. If you don't feel comfortable doing it, then find someone to help you.

Much of the code you see in the image is not necessary, just the table structure and the h1 is all that is really necessary, the rest was inserting the humming bird pictures and css to shadow the text.

As I've said, I'll get into more "Rich Snippet Markup" in another post, since it requires a more advanced knowledge of html, but it's definitely worth the trouble (even if you need some one to do it for you) to get a leg up on your competetion with regard to SERP!

Thanks for this, very useful.  ;)

And way more structured this way.

Thanks Gordon for sharing the tips.

I will try using this.


are this tips still can use for the latest version?


You can add rich snippets by edition your template files or one click solution with 3rd party extension


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