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Give me your feedback of royalcards =]


Hello guys...

I'm about to start selling my products, but i want your feedback...

Atm i'm only thinking about changing it's facebook's thumbnail and register all my products (that will take a really looooong time xP)

So, what u think about RoyalCards?

Looks nice. There is something wrong with a width of the site.

Internet Sales:

hey!!  really nice,  GREAT Background...

being serious now..   figure out some good content..  and you should be on your way~!


I like the background too :-)

I also see some parts out of alignment like some CSS needs adjustment. Example, for me the orange around your search box only extends left as far as specials. There is a problem with the white "caps above brands and your main content, where banner is. I am using Chrome on desktop 1920px wide.


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