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Unable to change logo

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How do we get text in there instead? I deleted the image file, but can't figure out how to get text in there. I'd prefer not to edit the content block, as that will likely upset any automated code in AbanteCart.

Nevermind. I figured it out. You can put a text resource in there. Cool! Now to properly style it.

Wish: access to the style sheet from within the Admin, instead of having to resort to FTP or Filemanager.

Tricops Corporation:
Refresh your cache files and delete the previous logo, but remember the name and also the extension of the logo. Then upload it from your admin pannel.

check from your cpanel file manager to see if 73/3.png is the logo you have changed. Clean your browser cache and if you are using the default template it should work.

It worked for me at least

Hello everyone,

michaelmuller that's a nice wish!  I am guessing a menu like myspace used to have right?

It seems like GREAT IDEA, would save us a lot of time by not having to access it directly via a cpanel or to ssh/sftp to the site to upload the edited file.


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