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Hai all,

I installed AbanteCart cart 1.9.1 and upgraded to 1.2.2 the good part is I am now using the best e- commerce platform across the available platforms with so much features and options. The bad part which me and many users like me would be feeling is upgraded versions have failed to install the customer account dropdown feature and the wishlist feature despite all the files and folders properly installed the features don't show up on the customer home page and the cart page.

I understand that when such large-scale changes happen some features get affected but my request is please tell me a solution if available with which I can get these features show up on the pages cos both the features are just awesome.

Hope you will consider my request and suggest a way out.

Thanking in advance,


Can you please add more details? When you say "failed to install wishlist" feature - when you logged in customer did you see "add to wishlist" on the product page, any related errors in the AbanteCart error log?
Can you post sire URL?

Thanks for considering my request first of all..........

I have tried as a customer and as well as registering as a customer but the account dropdown feature and the wishlist does not showup. I cross checked with the 1.2.2 package for any missed files but all the files have loaded correctly above all my error log is clear with no errors to display. you can check

hey guys -  I think is the issue with the layouts and settings for the config url  that I have encountered

The sql update didn't cover all the bases.   Your site is still calling default_html stylesheet and that doesn't have all the bells and whistle the new default does.

In addition to this issue for those of us that came more 1.1.9  there are several additional db items that are missing.  I am working on a solution for the missing elements as a patch to the issue for all of my sites, should have it ready withi the next 3/4 days.  Just want to be sure what i have,  actually fixes everything.

That will be great do let me know cos I have tried everything possible to sought this issue out but no use.

Hey one more suggestion since you are planning for a patch for the users like me fix for these will further enhance the experience. This is applicable to all those who have migrated from 1.1.9 only

1 - Incomplete order status doesn't work as it should and show incomplete for even completed orders with payment and we have to change the status manually every time an order comes in.

2 - The error log file when accessed from admin panel and when we click clear log it completely deletes the error_log.tpl file altogether which could be a minor issue but will be really helpful if corrected.

3 - In category section and the specials section the product doesn't align as individual products (not the sort order issue) instead it shows the entire product description of all the products in that category please see ( I am sure some of the user might be facing this issue as well.

Hope you will look into these minor issues as well.



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