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Product alignment issue in specials and Category in upgraded 1.2.2 ver


I have many products in both specials and category how to paste all that data in here and pasting one or two product description codes may not give you a clear picture. Please suggest how to go about it. if you want me to paste the page source codes from my category page i can do that.

In category section and the specials section the product doesn't align as individual products (not the sort order issue) instead it shows the entire product description of all the products in that category please see ( I am sure some of the user might be facing this issue as well.

Hope you will look into these minor issues as well.


If you mean all description shown in LIST view then to solve this you need to edit core files.
Try this one product_listing.tpl
We have short description for products in our road-map so we will fix this in next releases
Thank You


I guess I was unable to explain my issue correctly. My issue is some of my categories page and the specials page where-in by default only the product has to be listed, after the upgrade from 1.1.9 to 1.2.2 the page which should have only the product display (as in home page) has started showing up the entire description of all the products stretching the page to infinity as per the screen shot image attached Or please check here :

This cannot be core file issue as the problem is with only 3 pages rest all pages work as it should.

Hope I have explained my issue and this issue is only with 1-2 categories and specials tab rest all categories align properly despite the codes being the same.

Regards and Thanks,


Now I see issue on your site.
Please try next steps:
1. Backup site
2. in phpMyAdmin try to repair Abantecart database tables
3. Clear AbanteCart cache inside admin
if this doesnot help please send me access to your admin (private message!) and I will try to help

Thanks a lot for the response.

will do as per your suggestion and get back to you with the result.



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