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Here's my store, it's not "live" yet as I'm not particularly confident about the store yet.  I've had a play around with other scripts before and always feel probably overly critical of my efforts as they just don't seem to match up to "professional" endeavours.

I think the problem is that without purchasing a decent template, it's a bit difficult to get away from the defaults.

Anyway, have a look:

(I tried to add a URL but I'm not allowed to post external links)

The images are nice but as a customer -  will it fit in the space I am going to place it,  and is the frame in the style I would like.

What size(s) are they?

It would be good to have some type of information or graphic showing the type of frames.

And perhaps some clue to a visitor that the image can be made bigger.  the move pointer to zoom in message seems to have gone away.

Did you consider using the banner-slider to rotate thru your products  providing a larger format for viewing?  Just a thought.

There's quite a bit you can do with the default template to make it look and feel different than the default settings without having to mess with the coding -  it is in the settings and template formats

But you've got a decent start going here,  just needs a bit more polish IMO.


Hi Lee,

Thanks for that, that's some really useful feedback.  I can't believe I didn't think of the obvious product information.  I think when you spend so much time with your products, you run the risk of assuming that everyone knows about them too!

Thanks for the other tips as well.  I bought the lightbox add-in as I didn't like the way the photos zoomed by default, I much prefer the image opening as an independent object so it can be seen in it's entirety.  Perhaps the module has messed with the product page code and that's why the zoom/pointer message is missing.

Anyway, thanks again.


I personally think keeping it like the stock template to start is smart...When you launch your site, a lot of things can go wrong with it so one less thing to worry about is a + initially...

You can always make it "pretty" later as long as the bones are rock solid (payments, security, speed, etc)...

That said,  you DO only get 1 change to make a first impression so there is "risk" that it won't look as nice as a pro themed site, but overall, compared to other carts I've seen, I've been ok with the default/plain look of out of the box Abantecart.  I've customized all the colors and that's relatively easy to do to get away from the blue, but as long as the site is fast, secure, and it simply "works" (checkout)...I think you can worry about that after you get more sales/money.

Ultimately, your customers care more about speed, security and price than anything else IMO.

From your site, the picture looks a little blurry so maybe you can watermark them and post higher scans.  Maybe a pic of what the frame looks like and the pic IN the frame would be helpful.


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