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Changing The logo on template 512


Hello Folks, I have posted this elsewere on the site, but it has not got any views and im now getting desperate.
Can anyone please please tell me how to change the logo on the 512 template, I have tried doing it the way it is done on the default one but it does not work....Ive contacted Algozone but they have not got back to me 24 hours later and counting

Please please someone tell me what im doing wrong, if I am
Like that moving text, pitty we cant have it on the templates :)


Do the following changes into template512 code.
In the file extensions > template512 > core > template512.php, comment or remove the following lines

$this->config->set('config_logo', $this->config->get('template512_logo'));
$this->config->set('config_icon', $this->config->get('template512_favicon'));

and save.

You are a Star, Thank you
Worked a treat   ;D


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