Author Topic: Top 5 Checkout Mistakes That Eat Away Your Customers  (Read 2483 times)

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Top 5 Checkout Mistakes That Eat Away Your Customers
« on: September 25, 2015, 12:12:14 AM »
Have you ever thought that what makes hours of effort into the designing, developing and testing, a waste? Have you ever thought why customers leave their shopping carts? Well, the answers to both the questions are the same; horrible checkout page. In eCommerce web development, no mistake can be as terrible as making a boring, dull and horrible checkout process.

Most of the times, the reason behind the cart abandonment is the check out process. Complicated or slow check out can blow away your customers and kill your conversions in no time. Users always expect the quick and easy checkout process. There are a few checkout mistakes that you must avoid under any circumstances, so as to reduce your abandonment rate to the minimal and increase your conversions. So, let us dive into the list of some of the most common checkout mistakes to avoid when designing your online storeā€¦

Slow shopping cart: The small delay in your shopping cart can cost you millions in a year. Nothing can irritate a customer more than the slow working cart. Customers will not wait until the cart gets refreshed. So, make sure you get the dynamic cart developed.

Forced account creation: If you want all your customers to create an account on your website before purchasing for the first time, you will lose at least 25 percent of your customers. Most people do not like making accounts, so it is advisable to keep the option of the guest checkout. Well, you can ask for important information before the purchase. However, make sure that you ask for really few things and do not include the unnecessary form fields.

Shipping costs: Customers never ever like to pay for the delivery. So, it is always a good idea not to ask them to pay extra for shipping and delivery. Moreover, it is even more dangerous to keep the shipping costs and hiding them till the end. People get even more frustrated when they see the shipping costs added up in the cart in the end.

Unsafe payment policies: Online stores that are famous now have been so much popular because of its security and safe payment transactions. So, people will purchase from your store only if they feel you use trusted payment options.

Not mobile friendly: Nowadays most people access your online store from their mobile phones or tablets; rather than from the computers. So, if your checkout process is not optimized for mobile, people will tend to abandon their shopping carts and go to your competitor's store.

Now that you know how important it is to make the checkout process simpler, shorter and easier, it is advisable for you to fasten and simplify checkout process so that the visitors can finish their process quickly. They will be extremely happy if they happen to shop quickly and easily.
Well, you can do this using the one step checkout extension to not let go off your customers. Good luck for the same!
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