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Our website is in soft launch phase with limited exposure. It is my very first web project and with the help of the Forum, it came about. Thank you! and click Shop tab.

Thank you for any tips and feedback! :)

eCommerce Core:
Looks nice. Is this an Abantecart you use?

I used AbanteCart for the pages reached through SHOP tab.
All other pages (landing page, events, blog,etc.) were built with Drupal 7.

I initially was going to use AbanteCart for the entire site, but needed a blog. That forced me to move all content pages to Drupal to live and look like blog.

I'm pretty happy with it, but now need to merge the databases. Another post I'l make to the helpful AbanteCart Forum. I couldn't have done this without you all!  Your an amazing group of knowledgeable volunteers!

I am new to AbanteCart and really liking it. In fact this will be my first post to this forum!

Unlike other carts it seems all things are at least possible with a bit of research and figuring out.

For me how to implement a basic blog and keep things like appearance and sitemap consistent is something I am struggling with approach to.
I have some familiarity with Joomla since I nearly nook this path for my new e-commerce project but with Abantecart offering so much as a CMS already I fear I may over complicate things to achieve a blog.

Helperbee, what were your reasons for choosing Drupal to implement a blog and do you find much inconvenience managing 2 systems?


Yes, I agree, AbanteCart offers so much flexibility and by its nature allows even a newbie such as myself to become familiar.

I didn't find it possible to create a blog within AbanteCart functionality (maybe others can if have coding skills).
If you know Joomla, you won't find it hard to understand Drupal.

First off, install AbanteCart in a subdomain, not a subdirectory.
After development work is done, follow these steps to move AbanteCart (,4053.msg17552.html#msg17552)

Install Drupal in a subdomain of as well. There are a couple ways to move it or mask the URL. (Here is one way, but proceed carefully since it doesn't work for everyone:

To make both site look similar, I found a theme for Drupal that resembled the storefront and I'm planning to use external CSS to make the fonts match.

I'm learning as I go, so don't take my words as golden. I created the two sites and then hooked them together with a single menu link on each side. Maybe this is apparent to you, but what I did was this...within AbanteCart, I added a menu item called HOME and linked it to the landing page of Drupal site. In the Drupal side, I added a tab menu called "Shop" and linked it back to the storefront. That part was simple.

The other things involved are:
Creating backup routines for each.
Today, I hope to merge the databases (for optimization).
And figure out how to setup one backup routine to capture both sides of my website.

Obviously, you'll have to apply security patches and updates independently to each installation. But when my drupal side is being maintained, my maintenance page will point customers to my storefront, and vise versa.

Getting started with Drupal is well documented.

One word of caution, however you proceed: Beware of running with the first answer you Google as some people don't know what they are talking about or maybe forget the possible complexities that exist. The Drupal forum is a safer bet, but no guarantee.

Good luck and share you site URL if you wish to get feedback from everyone. I'm just a beginner and I KNOW IT! But there are really smart, experienced people out there.


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