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Thanks Helperbee  :)

A simple blog would be a nice extension to have if it was available for AbanteCart Cart, I saw elsewhere on this forum that maybe using a second store in AbanteCart Cart it can be achieved so there may be future possibilities.

Thanks for your time and tips on how to integrate CMS and AbanteCart Cart, some things are definitely not apparent to me! - I am a beginner to self hosting e-commerce finding my way. First I tried and researched many carts in a fair detail and chose AbanteCart Cart.

Now I think to learn as much as I can, and for sure your word of caution is correct! It is always nice to see a few consistent answers on Google.

As I have a live site running on a hosted system (Bigcommerce) I have had some time to set up experimental sites in the process of choosing a cart software.

The test site for AbanteCart Cart is: b a n t e/ (remove spaces - I am still a newbie and cannot post links)

There is a quasi POS as a second site being developed using multi-site:

it is all definitely at the I am a beginner stage!

One thing I have done is modified an extension to make a Pay in Store extension is anyone is interested in using this.

helperbee, your website/store looks very clean and nice.  I played around with drupal and Ubercart for a store, but found it just a pain to manage and too much work.  It just wasn't made to do it and a lot of things you had to work a lot around.   I think as a pure cart, Abantecart worked a lot better for my needs in terms of overall management and time needed.

I think Drupal as a CMS is probably a lot better and integrating may give you the best of both worlds.  I don't know if Ubercart is still even in development...

That said, if you are looking Open source and cost is a concern, probably picking specific apps for what you want to do makes a lot more sense since larger/packaged systems tend to be less flexible overall.  Your needs may also not be as insane and it's probably better to just get the site live quickly.


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