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Experience with Facebook Pixel integrated with Abantecart?


I have read this message here:

but wanted to see if anyone else has put a Facebook Pixel on their site or a site they managed?

Also, if I wanted to put this pixel in multiple locations, which file or files would be best to put this code in so you can see where a user visits from Facebook?

I tried to put it in a simple html block and stick it within my layout (like the other tracking codes i have), but I think my site is a little wonky since I keep getting an error after I click submit that " The page you requested cannot be found!"

Thanks for any ideas you have!

Hi, I think you can put them on storefront/view/default/template/common/footer.tpl.

I didn't put.

Facebook pixel is indeed an amazing tool to retarget your website audience. If you are into social media marketing then you must use Facebook pixel


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