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Why are there no replies to most of the posts here?


Why are there no replies to most of the posts here? I just found this site, and product and really loved the way the whole cart/shop system has been developed.

Cheers to the people who not just developed it, but even decided to open source it :)

I am planning on using this amazing piece of work, for my first ever online store i am setting up.

I hope i can expect some good support from fellow users out here?

My first support question and answer, i am gonna post soon :) Friends Please do correct me if i am wrong..

Hoping to see more and more people contribute here

Hi James.

Thank you for your warm comments and welcome to our forum and community.

We are sorry for some delayed responses. All members are very busy with new updates and fixes we do on the cart. We work our way to production stable release.

Are you a developer?

Hello Abantecart,

I am a developer, but relatively new to PHP :)..

Would love to see more updates on AbanteCart. Cheers..


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