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AbanteCart forum migration proposal!

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Suggestion to migrate AbanteCart forum to the Google+ Community see AbanteCart forum Beta.
There is a lot of benefits and we need your opinions.

Decision should be made in one or two weeks.

eCommerce Core:
Sounds good to me. I see many benefits.

1. Easier for users to join
2. Easier to post.
3. No worries for hosting and uptime.
4. Less spam
5. Better look :)

I am up for this migration. I assume, ee will keep old posts here and lock forum?

Good idea. We need to keep existing posts, notify users and lock forum from registration.

Let's do some more testing.

Hi guys,  here's my two cents -  an improved forum could be of benefit.

This is Google's + forum (hopefully that know how it is run :) ) but reading about some of the issues seems testing should indeed be done.   And as I understand it,  community members have to have a Google+ account - wonder if that may be an issue for some?

Seems some of the communities are plagued with spam mails (settings available to handle that,  but members need to know that)  and how to handle those pesky ad posters that we see on the forum now.  And some testing of search would really be good,  as that is helpful when needed to research something one remembers seeing on the board.



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