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I want to move to another web hosting. What should I do?

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Andrea Flores:
Deberás Guardar toda tu información.
siempre es bueno tener toda la info guardada ante cualquier eventualidad que pueda suceder.

Just arrived at this forum. Eager to learn and share knowledge and experience with other users

Listas wiseplay:
i am trying this but i dont know where do i load backup

perhaps this will help

There are many ways to backup your site,  including the one within the admin panel  and also Softaculous if you have it in your cPanel

Your new hosting provider quite often will  transfer your site for you,  usually without a fee depending on the host.  But you should still backup your exisitng site and do not cancel that service until your new site is confirmed to be working.

i am trying this but i dont know where do i load backup.


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