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I want to understand how can I restrict my store products to specific pincodes during checkout process. In my store I would handle the logistics by myself (offline) hence there is no requirement for me to integrate with any logistics provider.

During checkout process once a customer enters their pincode in the Shipping Addresss I want to validate entered pincode against the pincodes list where I would be serving my products so that I notify the users if I am not serving in the entered pincode.

Is there any easy fix somehow for this?

Or is it possible to prompt the user to select their pincode from the list of pincodes (predefined by admin) in the homepage so that I can allow the user to continue shopping.

Please let me know all the possible options. Thank you very much in advance.

If it is not posible with pincode, I want to restrict the locations or areas which would be shown during checkout process to ensure that customer is from my servicable area

Hi All,

Can anyone please reply to this topic?

Thank you in advance

Hi, please look at this doc.


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