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Built-in Advanced Stock Management is one of the most important factor people go for Magento or Prestashop ( doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/Presenting+the+Stock+Management+Interface )
People want to see this feature in core functionality.Third party extensions might seem a solution but compatibility after upgrade, poorly developed codes are common issues!

eCommerce Core:
Good suggestion. Thank you

We sell electronic kits e.g.: a power supply, SD card, Raspberry Pi and case (https://www.pishop.co.za/store/raspberry-pi-starter-kit-1) this is of course a virtual stock item as it is a group of actual products that have their own quantities.

It would be the greatest thing ever if there was a way for the number of kits to be calculated based on the lowest quantity of items that make it up and prevent for example somebody from buying 5 X kits and 5 X Raspberry Pi as we only have 5 in total.

Opencart has a nice 3rd party extension (http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=16254&filter_search=product%20bundle) that deals with the problem quite eloquently by displaying the kit as a product but simply adding the group of products to the cart with a discount.

I'd be prepared to buy an add on or sponsor some development if we could get this done (we're in South Africa so don't ask me for thousands of USA as the exchange rate is very limiting... A few hundred at most)

eCommerce Core:
Contact help at abantecart.com for an estimate or submit your project on freelancer sites.

Matthew Moore:
I agree, that would be a useful addition to the functionality of AbanteCart.
There is a similar solution for Magento, Out of Stock Product Wait , so if you are considering not to wait for this feature to become in-built, but decided to create your own module for AbanteCart, you can take this extension as an example.


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