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Hello fellow AbanteCart users.  As I relatively long -time user of AbanteCart (since 1.1.7)  and a frequent poster on the board  I have often wonder what we're all using for our current versions. 

Please take a moment to respond to the survey.  It may help admins and volunteer posters give better help,  and perhaps help extension writers to know how many versions to support so more can benefit.

Thanks for your time to respond.


I am on 1.2.4...I tend to upgrade a little bit after the new version is released and still formulating the best way to do this quickly with my custom changes...

Manual upgrade doesn't work very good since the system doesn't recognize it when you have changed the files so I'd like the developers to make that work better (I might be the only one though who seems to want this)...

Thank you for all your time and helpful posts here.

I am using latest version 1.2.6

Nuno Neff:
Im using Abantecart 1.2.8 but not in my live site, because there is still a lack of plugins that for me are essential, and in my opinion are to expensive compared to other cart shops. I hope to see more developers and more releases in the future so prices can drop down and certainly  more people can choose this cart for there business.

I using 1.2.2 because I'm sure that it's the stablest version of all.


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