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SEO URL is enabled and seems to be working except it is not working on all pages.  It seems to work on all products but not on all categories.  It seems to work on first and second level categories but not third level categories.  Any ideas anyone ?


--- Quote from: Karlos on February 16, 2016, 12:46:51 PM ---It seems to work on all products but not on all categories. 

--- End quote ---

Hello. Did you generate SEO url for all categories?

Hi Basara,

Thanks for the response.  Yes I always make sure I generate a URL when setting up a category or product.  I have just been back to check and I have done this.  Just seems odd that first and second parent category are OK but the third will not generate seo URL.  In system settings I have use SEO URL's turned on. The htaccess.txt has been changed to .htaccess.  Could there be a problem with the apache module rewrite ?



As for me third level SEO url works fine in the AbanteCart 1.2.5
Contact with your hosting provider maybe they give some light on this problem


I asked my host to look at the .htaccess file and they confirmed that the mod rewrite is installed correctly and active.  What I have noticed is that by the time I get to the third child category or beyond, the seo friendly url is there except added at the end of each url is the following:    ?sort=date_modified-ASC  .  If I then delete this part or the url in the browser, the same web page appears with the correct url.  So this looks like I have duplicate pages with seo friendly url's and some without.  The question is how can I stop the duplicate pages and why do the categories link to the unfriendly url'S?

I hope that make sense !



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