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I have created few new categories and all of them work with SEO URLS on your site. For the  ?sort=date_modified-ASC addition it is related to the Sort Products as default by setting Admin > System > Settings > General

Hi Basara,

Thank you for taking the time to look at my site, I really do appreciate it.

The ( ?sort=date_modified-ASC)  addition at the end of the URL is still not really making sense to me.  I see that it is related to sort products but this is added regardless of any products being present or not.

With the new categories that you have created I have since added a few more categories and each category after category 2 adds the  ( ?sort=date_modified-ASC)  after the URL even though no products are present.  I noticed the final category that you created added the ( ?sort=date_modified-ASC) addition with no products being added. Obviously this is not an seo friendly URL so should this really be happening ?  I am finding on my first and second level categories are found in Google but the other categories are not.

I have now added 2 products to the new category2 and when accessed from the drop down menu it shows url without ( ?sort=date_modified-ASC) addition.  If this same category is accessed by clicking straight on the category 1 tab(without using drop down menu), then click on category 2, the url  now adds ( ?sort=date_modified-ASC).

If you need to log on and have another look then log on details still the same.

Thanks again



I am not the best in SEO but according to google "Providing search engines with dynamic URLs should be favored over hiding parameters to make them look static." take a look

Feel free to post what you think. If this really critical for many users we can think how to resolve in next versions.


Thanks for the link, it's  an interesting article.  It sounds like from the article that Moz disagree with Google and prefer static URL's for SEO.  I'm no expert but from what I see I probably agree with Moz.  Pages on my site with static URL seem to get found by google and some rank quite well for their keywords.  The ones with Dynamic URL's do not seem to get crawled by google easily and do not get found for their keywords.   A quick search on google for any product and 90% of the web pages returned on the first few pages seem to have static pages, with the exception of Amazon. Not sure if that tells us anything!

It may be nice if it could be addressed possibly in the next version. 

Anyway thanks for all your help,  keep up the good work with Abantecart as it is definitely  the best shopping cart software out there !

eCommerce Core:
Fixed to show to sorting on default listing, but if sorting is changed, there will be sort params visible in URL. This can not be removed.


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