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When you use AbanteCart admin interface and create categories with same name like "New category" - AbanteCart will generate unique seo urls new-category new-category_72 (category id)..... so seo url can Not be duplicated in this case. 

If you create categories manually for example via CSV Import or Manual database edit in this case you can made duplicates.

Thanks for the response Basara.  None of the categories were created manually, all  used AbanteCart to generate url's.  Im really struggling with this now  :( . the site is  if it helps to see what is happening.


Hello. Login to your AbanteCart administration and clear AbanteCart cache, next open categories which one not work and try to Generate new urls. Check then do you have same keyword or new?


Just tried that and it generates the same keyword.  I have also tried creating  a new test category called "test category" , with one parent category.  I generated a keyword which was "test-category" This works ok. I then generated another category using "test category" as the parent, I called this "test category two".  I generated the keyword which was "test-category-two".  When I display the test category two page in my browser the url is  Any more ideas   ?????

Hi. Please send me privately access to your Admin. I will try to see your configuration
Also make sure your .htaccess file is default AbanteCart file


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