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how to load model from other controller?

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i need to load model from other controller? help me?

Hi, I suggest you to read abantecart core codes both on storefront and admin so you can understand better about calling model etc. You can just use $this->load->model('existing_model'); from your controller.


--- Quote from: huyhoang08 on March 15, 2016, 03:54:22 AM ---i need to load model from other controller? help me?

--- End quote ---

To load model, you need to include it with below code and you can access methods:
See examples with 'sale/order' model in admin.

--- Code: ---$this->loadModel('sale/order');
$orders =  $this->model_sale_order->getOrders();

--- End code ---

or with generic loader class

--- Code: ---$this->load->model('sale/order');
$orders =  $this->model_sale_order->getOrders();

--- End code ---

First sory for my english skill.
I cleared about that, But for example:
i have 2 extension activated:
Sory, i mean from one extension i able to load a model belong to other extension?

You can do that, it's the same as what abantecart says. As long as you know which model that you want to access and use.


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