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Signs of Good Quality Security Cameras
« on: January 30, 2023, 05:08:10 AM »

The camera company you work with can also be a big factor in your system. provides you a complete setup of cameras in your home and office in the UAE.

Here are 6 Signs of Good Quality Security Cameras:
  • High-Resolution Video
  • Wide Angle Lens for Maximum Coverage

  • Vandal-proof Housing
  • Recording Functionality

  • Easy to Set Up and Use
  • Durable and Weather-Resistant Housing

High-Resolution Video:

The good quality security cameras video view should be clear and sharp that identify faces and places well even in full zoom view. Low-resolution video will make it difficult to identify suspects after an incident. Choose surveillance cameras not lower than 1080p, 1440p (2K) or 2160p (4K) Ultra HD resolution.

Wide Angle Lens for Maximum Coverage:

A wide-angle lens captures video over a large area. With standard wide angle surveillance cameras, you can see more of your field of view without panning the camera around. This also means that you can use a single surveillance camera to monitor a large area, so, you can reduce the amount of cameras and cover a whole area.

Vandal-proof Housing:

The housing on a good surveillance camera should also help safeguard it from vandalism. Criminals might attempt to destroy or cripple surveillance cameras to eliminate the proof of their awful way of behaving. Vandal-proof housing helps keep the camera very much safeguarded against vandalism or harm. While installing cameras, it’s also fitting to mount them 8 feet or higher off the ground to keep them far off.

Recording Functionality:

The functionality value of HD or Ultra HD recording is a reasonable indication of the cameras. Keep it to 1080p, or later Ultra HD will also give you a reasonable level of detail for later review on your PC, phone, or tablet. Similarly, you will need a video recorder (NVR or DVR) to record the recording.

Easy to Set Up and Use:

Great surveillance cameras are not difficult to set up and utilize. You should get everything you want to complete setup, including the mobile applications and computer software expected to access your surveillance camera, in the bundle. Quality surveillance cameras should set aside some margin to mount and introduce and be not difficult to work after establishment is complete.

Do-It-Yourself establishment is additionally recommended to save your time and cash.

In-depth installation instructions should be incorporated to direct you through the process, beginning to end. Furthermore, the best surveillance camera makers will commonly offer dependable help for any inquiries that might emerge during the installation or activity of your framework. They’ll also likely deal a guarantee on their hardware and be glad to remain behind their items.

 Durable and Weather-Resistant Housing:

Quality security cameras should withstand wind, rain, snow, and other harsh elements. They should have sturdy housings to ensure they can handle the extremes of outdoor environments. Quality camera housings are typically made of steel. Cheaper materials have a risk of warping their shape over time, especially with outdoor temperature changes.
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