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How to set up a sub-domain and migrate data for testing


Hi All,

I want to set up a test site using data from my LIVE site. Am I missing anything in these steps?

1. I set up my test domain as
2. I created a new DB called testDB
3. I uploaded Abantecart 1.2.7 to and installed without dummy data
4. I exported my Abantecart LIVE website SQL database
5. I imported the LIVE SQL database to testDB
6. I changed the SALT and Encryption key on the test site so that the keys are the same as the LIVE site
7. I copied the following folders from my LIVE site to


Have I missed anything or done anything wrong? The site is working, but none of my products or menus appear.

Any help would be appreciated.



If this subdomain is just for testing purposes, I would suggest cloning your current store. You have the option to clone site only, database only or both. This is easily done in the cPanel via Softaculous.

Make sure you use same database prefix

Hi Basara, Ollie

Thanks for the tips. I use a different host so not sure I can clone. I wanted a test site so I can toy around with my site without worrying about breaking it! I tried the following granular steps which work at the moment and I hope they keep working!

1.   FTP the latest version of Abantecart to FTP folder of my test site (i.e
2.   Replace the following folders:

•   For site images copy all backed up files over these Resources/image/7a (and all other folders the 70 and above range)
•   For Banners copy storefront/view/default/image (this also contains the social media icons)
•   For Thumbnails copy image/thumbnails
•   /Storefront/View/Default/Stylesheet/Style.CSS (this contains the layout for the social icons)

3.   Give the folders the relevant CHMOD 0777 permissions

chmod 0777 system/config.php
chmod 0777 system/
chmod 0777 system/cache/
chmod 0777 system/logs/
chmod 0777 image/
chmod 0777 image/data/
chmod 0777 image/thumbnails/
chmod 0777 download/
chmod 0777 extensions/

4.   Create a blank DB using the same DB prefix as your live site
5.   Install Abantecart without Demo Data
6.   Before you log in, change the SALT and Encryption key in system/config.php to match that of the LIVE site and ensure you give this file the 0777 permission
7.   Now try navigate to your storefront, then admin page
8.   If you cannot see your products in the storefront, clear the cache from the admin panel of Abantecart
9.   If you are having trouble logging into the Admin site, drop all of your SQL tables and try and import the DB again. If that fails, export the DB from your LIVE site again and import to this test site

I have tried this a few times from 1.2.7 to 1.2.7 and from 1.2.7 to 1.2.8. it's a bit fiddly but if you try hard enough it seems to work. I just pray that it keeps working! When I set up the 1.2.7 test site, I can also run the upgrade feature in Admin to 1.2.8 and it works perfect.

If anyone has any tips or can see something I've missed, please let me know! Oh an feel free to make this a STICKY!



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