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Funding Abantecart Projects


There is a lot of discussion about features we would like to see in Abantecart and the dev team tells us that funding is needed.  Here is a simple solution. I use it on a small forum I have to help offset the cost of hosting and it works well.

There is an extension for this forum(SMF Forum) to setup a funding account. It's called Treasury 2.12 and can be found here.

It is extensive in it's capabilities.  Dev team can set an amount and we can contribute till the goal is reached.

I'd like to see a funding account setup for ERP integration out of the box with Odoo.


Maybe kick this to the Idea Polls?

eCommerce Core:
Thank you for and idea. I guess that will work as our own crowed funding :)

Great idea. We can definitely go for it.

Great idea. Let's do it. I am sure many of us will contribute for this cause.


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