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Faster way to build extensions in AbanteCart

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Attention Extension Developers!

Please try "Extension Developer Tools". These tools will help you build extension faster and avoid dealing with manual process of files and directories creations. You can build language definitions with these tools as well.

Lear more:

Any contribution to future expansion of these tools are welcome!!

I suspect this is the update for which I've been waiting.

Will try it out pretty soon.  Thanks!


Yes. this is to replace first extension we had with extension builder.
Now we build on this extension and improve it to be come extension dev suite.

We plan to add more features to generate code based on all AbanteCart extension API, such as menu, data set, attributes, forms, layout, etc.

Have installed your developper_tool
Gives an entry (not translated) in system menu forwarding to an empty page. Huh.

Check the log for errors.


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