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I am trying to make my shop bilingual, english and french.
The existing extension for french is obsolete, incomplete. I decided to copy the language files from english to french, make a new language that way. I used Winmerge to compare each file one by one, line by line.

The problem is that I still have lots of missing text in french (language definitions detected), and I still get english text where I translated it. I did not use the "automatic translation". It just keeps on staying in english (especially in the top header menu).

What did I miss and how can I get the header to be in french too?

Thanks a lot...

I finally found out how, after 3 days of searching and reading...

For those with the same issue, go to Design>Menu and select the language for which you want to change the translation... ::)

You can backup and run Load missing data for french. This will copy all missed data from English to French. It is not only menu but a lot of things like products descriptions, order statuses, stock statuses and a lot of others etc.....
Then you go to admin select content language to french and translate only what you need. Load missing data tool help you to fill what is empty

Since it's an empty shop, I tried many things without being worried about the results... But after the third time I re-installed my French package, I tried it... But I still need to find out all the text that has been replaced to translate it manually, since I don't trust automatic translators for a good translation, and my shop's first language being French...;)

Now that it works, I am scanning all language description files manually to be sure all translations are there, which is long and boring, but at least it is accurate...!

I still can't understand how that much files couldn't be translated externally... I mean, I took all files one by one and copied their most recent version to translate them, and there are still many missing...


If you translate all latest xml files and create extension you can share it or sell at AbanteCart Marketplace  ;)

So when you translate files it is not related to store dynamic data. Actually you can add some with sql when install your language extension but take a note every store can contain different dynamic data (location names, regions names, statuses names etc...)


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